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“Following detailed and thorough analysis of multiple critical success factors, Jeff developed a highly deployable strategy for the Edwards service business. His experience and accomplishments gave him credibility with a group often skeptical of consulting help.  I would recommend Synergetiq/Jeff Plante to any large equipment manufacturer which is seeking to develop and implement a sustainable growth strategy for its service business."
Jim Gentilcore - Former CEO of Edwards Vacuum

"MKS hired Jeff to perform an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, and overall capabilities of our World Wide service group.  We contacted Jeff due to his experience, and accomplishments in this area over many years while working for some very well run organizations.  His work was detailed and professional, and we are working on the areas that he suggested needed improvement, and capitalizing on our strengths.  We expect to see higher sales growth and improving profitability as we progress.  I would recommend Jeff's services in this consultative area in the future." 
Gerald G. Colella - Chief Executive Officer & President, MKS Instruments, Inc.

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