PROBLEM - Service Company, Business or Organization experiencing:

Service levels and quality below expectations
Customer Dissatisfaction and the need to build a more Customer Focused Culture
Rapid growth in staff and increase in senior managers/junior executives
Need to develop high potential managers into Service Business Leaders
Post M&A or “Carve Out” Junior executive skill shortcomings


We engage with both executive management of the business and the Junior Executive(s) to determine exactly what problem they are seeking to solve.

Using our Critical Success Factors and ~30 years of organizational leadership expereince we develop a customized Service Business Leadership plan, focusing on those items most critical for the specific individuals success in the current functional role and long-term professional development.

We align this plan with both executive management and the Junior Executive(s) being mentored/coached.

We deliver an engagement that has specific objectives and deliverables with a defined timetable.

Our Junior Executive Mentoring engagements are oriented on assisting in the growth and development of high potential employees into Service Business Leaders.

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