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PROBLEM - Middle Market ($5M to $25M) Equipment, Engineering or Service Company experiencing:

Business levels that have plateaued
Need for revision of Corporate Vision, Mission and Strategy
Need to Develop growth drivers or penetrate new markets
Inability to scale the business
Need to reduce “Key Man” dependency
Need to improve profitability
Need for Annual Planning and Accountability Systems
Suboptimal Operations, Engineering or Marketing/Sales Performance
Undifferentiated Product or Service Delivery
Need for Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
Need to prepare for a short to mid term exit


We engage with ownership and executive management to align on key corporate development needs.  This is often very interactive to ensure the long-term vision is fully vetted and aligned internally.

We conduct a full “Health Check” of the company and business model applying our Critical Success Factors and examining key functional aspects of the business:  Business Development, Marketing/Sales, Engineering, Production Operations, Product Development, Purchasing, etc.

Using our corporate experience with best know practices, we apply these lessons and concepts to improve the company's performance across the board such that it can develop and grow beyond its current level without burdening the business with “red tape” or loading it with bureaucracy.

Leveraging our extensive Investment Banking and Private Equity network we ensure corporate development activities that maximize future sale potential.

Our Corporate Development engagements are oriented on "Professionalizing" the company so that it can break through to the next level, create a sustainable growth model for the long term and increase attractiveness for potential buyers.