Middle-Market Thin Film Equipment Manufacturer.  Conducted a thorough review of the market opportunities for the firm considering their existing IP on advanced applications and position in a rapidly expanding equipment market.  Advised the Ownership and Management of the company on multiple strategic alternatives they could consider to expand their future business.  Additionally, initiated key partnership development and M&A activity.

Middle-Market Vacuum Equipment Refurbishment Company.  Advised the Ownership and Management to Professionalize and grow the company. Drove Customer Focused Culture Change, development of a Strategic Plan, and creation of Annual Operating Plan accountability system resulting in significant operational, engineering and financial improvements.  Revenue run rate growth of 46% and profit growth of 35% over a two-year period.

Publicly Traded Instrumentation Company.  Advised the Executive Management Team of an $800M annual revenue company, performing crisp in-depth analysis of the company’s Global Service Business resulting in several business development Strategic Initiatives, Operational Efficiency Improvements and Organizational Changes oriented on creating a higher return from greatly enhanced value propositions for customers.

Middle-Market Electronics Repair Company. Guided the Ownership through Corporate Vision and Strategy Development, thorough Market Analysis, detailed Product Roadmap Development and definition of Annual Operating Plan accountability system resulting in market leading Service Delivery via improved Operating Efficiency, Penetration of New Markets and quicker Product Development Cycle Times.

High Tech Vacuum Pump Equipment Manufacturer.  Advised Executive Management of a $200M Service Business, performing a comprehensive Global Service Market Assessment, improved Product Development Roadmap and Operational Strategy Transformation.   Provided an extensive multi-faceted plan to create and deliver differentiated Service Products, resulting in a ~50% revenue increase over a 3-year period.

Small Equipment Business.  Led Business Leader through strategic planning across multiple Critical Success Factors in order to improve operating performance and market share growth of the business line.  Implemented several key enhancements to the business leading to doubling of unit sales volume within a six month period of time and salvaging of multiple severely damaged key customer relationships. 

Growing Mid Sized Company Post M&A.  Advised client whose growth strategy had been achieved through multiple  acquisitions. Poor integration created unnecessary and costly redundancy in support staff and inconsistent use of ERP system. Following detailed business process analysis, created and implemented a company wide system to increase efficiency of integrating supply chains and enable enterprise-wide ERP usage. 

Foundry Industry Spare Parts Supplier.  Engaged with executive and supply chain management, and developed a robust and integrated Request For Proposal process. This process transitioned an ineffective cost reduction approach to a holistic category management strategy. The result was Total Cost of Ownership savings for several sub commodity groups in excess of 30%.

Hi-Tech Start Up. Advised a company in the early stages of product development in improving and correcting an in process QMS development to completely align with the ISO9001 requirements, as well as completely re-develop the insufficient Quality Management Systems.  This resulted in flawless ISO registration and passing of multiple customer audits.

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