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PROBLEM - Medium to Large (> $35M) Service Business experiencing:

Need for establishment or revision of Service Strategy
Need for new growth drivers and/or service products
Underperforming profitability
Significant Customer Dissatisfaction
Post M&A integration Difficulties
Need to “Carve Out” and create a Service Business Unit


We confer closely with executive management of the business as well as other key executive stakeholders to ensure definition of a crisp and clear objective.

We conduct a thorough evaluation and analysis of the Service Business using our Critical Success Factors to guide our research.   This is an interactive and iterative process and frequently requires “deep dives” into relevant data.

Using our own global corporate and consulting experience, our extensive network of  service executives and resources from professional organizations we identify Best Practices for our clients.  We develop detailed, comprehensive and actionable strategy recommendations and plans to accomplish those recommendations.

Depending upon the engagement we also work closely with the functional sub-organization leaders to both further refine recommended plans and implement.

Our Service Business Strategy engagements are oriented on differentiating the service delivery and customer relationships, improving financial performance, innovative approaches to allow sustainable long term growth and identification of key operational transformation initiatives required to achieve.