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PROBLEM - Small ($1M to $3M) Company experiencing:

Need to establish Company Vision, Mission and Strategy
Initial success with lack of clarity on next steps
Business levels that are growing slower than expected or flat
Increase in customer dissatisfaction
Desire to implement Best Practices
Need to mitigate “Key Man” aspect of daily operations
Need for Annual Planning and Accountability Systems
Suboptimal Operations, Engineering or Marketing/Sales Processes
Need for clarity on long term exit strategy


We work closely with ownership and leadership of the company to understand the core underpinnings of the business model and the long-term vision for the business.

Collaborating with the company we review the total operation of the business using our Critical Success Factors and a thorough review of the financial performance.

If applicable, we engage directly with customers to obtain their feedback and isolate the key drivers that are or could be differentiating the enterprise and then contrast this with the competitive landscape.

Using our historical experience leading businesses of multiple sizes, our network of business professionals and resources from key industry associations we identify a discrete set of highly leveraged recommendations.

Delivering this plan to the company we seek to assist the in deploying the strategic initiatives to help guide the long-term well being of our client companies.

Our Small Company engagements are oriented on discovering or amplifying those sustainable competitive advantages they need to differentiate in the market and implement best known practices to improve the foundation of the company so that it can grow and scale in the future.