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"If you are seeking an in depth and detailed analysis of your company’s Service Strategy and development of innovative and actionable solutions to differentiate your business, contact Jeff.”

Mike Allison, Group Vice President, Edwards, Ltd

“We contracted Synergetiq to conduct an in depth review of our global service business and to provide a detailed assessment across a variety of functional parameters. Jeff investigated a wide array of key operational and commercial metrics and engaged us with thoughtful and probing questions during this analysis. The result was a comprehensive report and presentation given to the CEO and executive staff.  Jeff's recommendations have served as the basis for several initiatives that have positively impacted our operational efficiency, profitability and ability to deliver a higher quality service product.  The end result is that we are now delivering a superior service product and are gaining market share.  I strongly recommend Synergetiq/Jeff Plante to any company seeking to optimize the performance of it’s Service Business."
Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Service, Semiconductor Equipment Company

"Synergetiq led my Services Marketing team and me through a very structured journey from the distillation of our Mission, Vision and Branding through to the design of new Service offerings. Along the way we modelled our markets, defined our future strategy, re-evaluated our existing Services portfolio, and implemented a stage-gated process for the effective selection and commercialization of new Service offerings. Jeff’s questioning and challenging helped open our eyes and minds to opportunities that we previously had not realised existed. The techniques that we learned from Jeff are still in daily use in our organisation, and the new Service offerings we developed with his assistance are now core to our current Services portfolio.​"
General Manager, Services - Machinery Company​​

"Jeff brought a unique and comprehensive perspective to our post sales structure, which, in turn, forced us to re-examine our business model.  Through his broad experience and detailed analysis, we were better able to understand the opportunities available to achieve our growth objectives."
Dan Taylor - Service Director, MKS Instruments, Inc.