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"Jeff Plante, Synergetiq, LLC, bridges the gap between large companies and small companies. PTB Sales employed Synergetiq's Transformational Strategies to make needed improvements in Operations and Sales and to develop strategic global partnerships. PTB Sales greatly benefited from Jeff's Board insight, leadership and entrepreneurial vision."

Patrick Blackwell - President, PTB Sales, Inc.

"Based on Jeff’s reputation for effectively leading Global Service Businesses for major OEM’s in the Semiconductor industry, we contracted with Synergetiq and selected Jeff to serve as Executive Vice-President, to assist in the management, profitability and growth of PTB Sales. During this time he:
- Drove adoption (successfully managing difficult existing personalities) of an Annual Operating Plan to integrate board level decisions into annual management objectives.
- Implemented the facility upgrade of our cryopump service line. A new location and workflow layout were designed to dramatically decrease cycle times and improve product quality.
- Revised Sales targets and instilled accountability to strengthen each territories’ penetration and customer responsiveness.
- Reviewed our marketing strategy and led implementation of an updated vision, which included website overhaul with social media interaction (in addition to traditional point of sale media).
- Analyzed our purchasing strategy and tactics, and assisted with the professionalization of our Purchasing Department.
- Utilized his extensive network of contacts with Synergetiq to develop new strategic alliances with industry OEMs and channel partners."

Dean Scarborough – Shareholder, Director and CPO, PTB Sales, Inc.