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"I have worked with Jeff Plante (Synergetiq) for nearly 6 years, during which time he has served as Executive Vice President and Director for PTB Sales, Inc., as an Independent Contractor. Jeff has tremendous ability, experience, insight and an expert knowledge of modern Business Management as well as the Semiconductor-related Industry; he constantly improves upon his knowledge and abilities, keeping fully current with the latest market analytics, forecasts and trends. Jeff’s excellent managerial skills and indefatigable work ethic have produced tremendous value for PTB Sales, enabling PTB to become more efficient, achieve market growth and enter into beneficial alliances with key partners. I highly recommend Jeff Plante and Synergetiq to any company that wants to grow its business and profits."
Wesley E. Stupar, Esq. - General Counsel, Secretary and Director, PTB Sales, Inc.

"As a smaller company, the professionalization of our business is an important part of our future success.  Jeff led our business planning and the systems and core values we learned made immediate differences.  These systems and values have ensured that we stand out from our competitors.  The differences can be seen in our employees as well as feedback from our customers and continue to lead our company in a positive direction.   I would recommend Synergetiq/Jeff to any small or medium sized business that needs to break through to the next level."
Operations Director - Equipment Business