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"I worked for Jeff Plante between 2006 and 2008 when he was leading the Service business at Brooks Automation.   At that time, I was a product manager, fairly new to working in a service business - and looking to expand my traditional product management experience.   I learned a great deal from Jeff, much more than just how to create and market valuable service products.   What I learned from Jeff is what it means to have real accountability.  How do you teach accountability? I'm not sure I can explain it, but Jeff taught everyone around him to feel passionately about what we did, about our role, about our ability to have an impact and to our customers.  In no other business before or after, have I seen a leader that energized his team so effectively to think differently, to reach further for solutions and to have what Jeff called 'stickiness' to own a problem and see it through.  
7 years later, I am a now a Vice President of Marketing and Product Management in a different company, and feel the most critical part of my role is to be a good leader, to nurture and help others grow and develop.  To teach others, as Jeff taught me, how to be accountable and how to drive change.
I still hear Jeff's loud and passionate voice in my head, and with great fondness find myself often thinking 'what would Jeff do?".  I'm so very grateful I had the opportunity to learn from him.  I would encourage anyone looking for a mentor or executive coach to reach out to Jeff.  He definitely impacted my career and countless others."

Maura Fitzpatrick - Vice President of Marketing & Product Management, Cambridge Technology

"Impactful and experienced; a craftsman taking a rod of steel and converting it into a sharpened sword.  This sums my experience with Jeff as my mentor.  I was a junior manager with subject matter expertise but lacked the confidence and communication skills to drive the changes necessary for the organization to change and improve.   Today I’m an executive in a multibillion dollar company responsible for a multibillion dollar product line.  The craftsman helped me combine the expertise and experience with the refined confidence, true grit, and communication skills to achieve more than I could have without his commitment to my development. I’ve utilized the lessons over the years and the results are clear.  Lasting and impactful."
Manuel A. - Director, Product Management

​"Thinking back on my career, Jeff Plante stands out as one of the key managers who provided me the guidance and opportunities that formed the leader I am today.  He had the vision to promote me from a technical role to a product marketing role – a career move that brought me out of my comfort zone yet was exactly where I needed to go.  My days as a product manager are some of the most fulfilling days in my 11 years at Brooks Automation.  As a mentor, Jeff taught me the skills needed to be professional and impact clients.  He stressed the importance of presentation skills and detail.   As a leader, Jeff constantly challenged and pushed me to grow, elevating expectations of myself and driving a passion for my job each day.  Now as a CEO, I am still influenced by Jeff in the daily management of my own company."  

Kristin Anderson - CEO, Eric F. Anderson Inc.

Jeff has established his very successful record as an executive based on two foundational beliefs: leaders effect step-function change, and all engagements in business, just like in life, need to values-based. In my all my years of knowing Jeff, he has expected nothing less from any leader who works with, for, and above him. It is this very foundation that Jeff used with me in my own development where our joint focus was always on doing the right things for customers and internal stakeholders, always asking ourselves if we were limiting ourselves in what change we could effect, and finally, what was the brand that I wanted for myself in my own interactions with executives? Using these success criteria for executive engagements, Jeff has helped me develop my own executive style and record and have high confidence in his ability to help others.

Kush Mirchandani - Managing Director, Asia Pacific Business Development; Lam Research

 "During the two years that I worked for Jeff as a Global Product Manager and as a Marketing Director, I learned more about customer focus than in any other company I worked before. Today, I am a Director of Product Development and Marketing and I use his teachings everyday.  Furthermore, I went from the mentality of an individual contributor to the mind set of a goal-oriented team leader.  Motivated by his strong vision and his logical execution  plan, I accomplished high-level projects that I never thought possible. He communicated clearly and honestly - no sugar-coating, and expressed his confidence in his team in a way that was inspiring and that I still try to emulate today. Jeff is someone you naturally want to follow because he gets you to believe that the goal is achievable and it is, under his leadership!"

​Florence Montegu - Director Product Marketing, AVID Products