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"I brought Bernie on board at MPH approximately one year ago.  The intent was for Bernie to quickly grasp our existing ISO program and to turn it into a more operational and professional program.  He has accomplished that and more.  We now have the initial phases of having our ISO documents on-line within the company.  During his tenure, we passed an ISO audit without having one non-conformance.  My experience with Bernie has been very satisfying.  I am very impressed with his ability to grasp a situation and find the correct action path for improvement.  His interpersonal skills are exactly what one would hope for, when bringing in a consultant.  This man is a true find!"

Robert G. Maxwell, President, MPH Inc.

"I would like to recommend Bernd Guggolz as a consultant for manufacturing organizations seeking ISO compliance and accreditation. 
We worked with Mr Guggolz in this capacity for more than one year, starting in early 2014.   Mr. Guggolz was able to build an ISO accreditation program and implementation along an aggressive timeline.  He was able to do so effectively, around our preferred processes and practices, and build credibility and buy-in for necessary changes across our organization.  Mr Guggolz has excellent communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.
Mr Guggolz stays abreast of the continuous evolution of ISO standards.  He was always responsive to our organization’s needs, and sensitive to the different perspectives across functions and our organizational hierarchy.  He was able to keep our compliance process on time and in budget, in spite of several potential challenges that popped up along the way.  Mr. Guggolz would be an asset to any manufacturer pursuing ISO compliance and accreditation."

Bree Allen, General Manager, Rigaku Raman Technologies

"Bernd R. Guggolz (Bernie) helped Polychromix develop, implement, audit, and obtain our ISO9001-2000 Registration on a tight time line in 2003.  Polychromix’ main customer required us to be registered by December of 2003.  None of our personnel had undergone this process before.  Bernie’s expertise and leadership brought Polychromix to Registration exactly on time, and with only minimal audit findings.
Bernie developed our Quality Management System from the ground up.  He did so efficiently since he had just completed the same process for Intellisense, a neighboring company.  He trained our personnel in their responsibilities related to the ISO9001 Standard, operated the system to obtain full compliance, audited the system from various different viewpoints, attained external and impartial auditors to assure that nothing was left to chance, and worked with us through the entire Registration process.
After that more intensive period, he has maintained the QMS for us on a part time basis.  This includes leading us through two successful Surveillance Audits with the Registrar, again with only minimal findings.
All of Polychromix has been very pleased to have Bernie work us through the “maze” of ISO compliance and registration.  He was quick, reliable, unobtrusively and achieved the needed results in the desired time-frame.  I can recommend him to you for efficient assistance in the ISO9001-2000 registration process."
Richard S. Payne, VP Engineering and Manufacturing, Polychromix